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Chapter Reunion 2020

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This site is dedicated to the paratroopers that deployed to the Republic of Vietnam in 1968 and redeployed in 1969.  We remember the 227 "Forever Young" who did not return with the Brigade.  They can be found  at the Fallen link below.

Report on Whether or Not to Have Reunion         June 24, 2020

This reunion has been in the planning stages for almost 2 years. Everything was going well until the virus hit. This in conjunction with the lawlessness that has struck across America have complicated matters.
Recommendation: Thanks for your well thought out comments. Based upon these as well as monitoring the situation the reunion should be delayed till September 2021.
Critical Factors
In order to make this a success, we will need a minimum of 100 to 125 people. There are minimums for the boat, hotel and Grand Concourse. We only have 28 people signed up with multiple "wait and sees."
All of the venues have said they will work with us but that only goes so far.
We have to make a decision now to be fair to all.
Many people will have to fly in. The news here is not good. Delta just released the news that there were 500 cases and 10 deaths among its employees.
Each of the venues I have spoken to are making all kinds of changes to minimize our exposure.
We may have to make changes on how we do things which we may not like but we have to follow the rules.
Western PA is in phase green which means for us 50% capacity. It is unknown when things will open up and if they will stay open.
Many of us/spouses have medical conditions which increase vulnerability.
There is no vaccine for the virus and realistically it is many months away.
Many of the waiters etc are young people who have not been as diligent as us in following the guidelines, increasing our risk.
No one can guarantee our safety should the demonstrations get nasty. They are in that way now in some cities. Fringe groups are coming out of the woodwork and criminals are using this mess to ply their trade.
This is an election year and upheavals are guaranteed.
The Virus
Thank goodness everyone who has responded has not been hit by it. We are all in the vulnerable age and I attribute this good fortune to following the rules do keep doing it! While the virus has hit across the generations, the senior group, especially those with medical issues have had the highest percentage of deaths by far.
I have written a letter to the Governor, Mayor of Pittsburgh and Police Chief asking them to guarantee our safety. I got a form email from the Governor, no response from the mayor and a very nice but evasive response from the Police Chief. Even though his response was evasive, but I think we can get some help from him.
This is the perfect storm and although I hope that I’m wrong, my feeling is that this unrest will last until election day or beyond.
Alternatives Considered

  1. Continue as planned.
  2. Delay 1 month if venues are available.
  3. Plan for late spring, 2021 – say late April 2021.
  4. Plan for the same time in 2021

Financial Impact
On our members. All funds will be returned to the members including any donations they have made for the event.
On our chapter- I don’t anticipate any loss of deposits, especially if we reschedule.
Airborne, All the Way!
Rich O’Hare 804-338-8222